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22 April


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The Carnival Of Dreams

Date: April 22, 2017, Time: 2:45pm to 4:00pm, Cost: $15

999 Newport Center Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660 United States
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In just 48 hours, unforseen events lead wet plate artist Ian Ruhter and Will Eichelberger to make the world’s largest Ambrotype. In the midst of a larger 3 year project to photograph (by Ruhter) and film (by filmmaker Lauren Vance) this community, a visit by Gary Oldman to Ruhter and the crew in the field revealed something far greater than the process that brought everyone together.

This project is as much about building relationships as it is about the physical act of making something together.

Studios/Affiliations: Silver & Light Films, Vance Studios, Flying Studio Pictures, The Laboratory Arts Collective

Join us for a Q&A following the screening with:

Director – Lauren Vance
Stars  – Gary Oldman, Ian Ruhter
Producers –   Gisele Schmidt

Screening with:

Windshield: A Vanished Vision


Running Time 00:18:05
Language English
Cast Gary Oldman, Ian Ruhter, “Builder” Bill Ammon, Will Eichelberger, “Pastor Dave,” “Mary Anne”, Phyllis, Gisele Schmidt


Director Lauren Vance
Executive Producer(s) Ian Ruhter, Lauren Vance
Producer(s) Gisele Schmidt, Gary Oldman
Cinematographer Robin Fenlon, Ian Beaudoux
Editor Shannon Burnham, Daniella McInerney, Victor June Jr., Ezra Gentle


Venue: Island Cinema
999 Newport Center Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660 United States
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